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Blog articles & cases

Who is your inspirational leader?

Question: According to you, who are the most inspiring “leaders” in history? In 2013, PWC posed this question to 1,300 business…

Decoding leadership brilliance

In the professional world of interim management, where company leaders and interim managers are similiar to navigators in a stormy…

The sixth ADM neologism: LeadQuotient

Move up your gear to success …

Editorial – Forza 24!

Two words are increasingly prominent when discussing the future prospects of the economy and business world: robustness and resilience. Robustness…

2024ce: sailing through professional and personal waters full force

As we embark on the voyage into the year 2024, there’s a neologism making waves: 20-twenty force or 2024ce, a…

The fifth ADM neologism: 2024ce

Going full force in 2024!…

Editorial – Inteager: integrity, identity and being eager

Pause for a moment to consider someone in your immediate surroundings —be it in your family, circle of friends, or…

Be inteager

The art of “inteagrity”: navigating corporate integration eagerly with integrity…

The fourth ADM neologism: inteager

Navigating corporate integration eagerly with integrity….

Editorial – ADe-Manding excellence: The Spartan path to success (in interim management)

In the sacred pages of history, the Spartans of ancient Greece are known for their unyielding dedication to excellence, resolute…

Is it too much to ask for? Yes, according to HR!

In a post-pandemic context in 2022, a survey conducted by Workvivo among more than 520 HR professionals in the United…

The third ADM neologism: ADe-Manding

Being able to demand excellence and maneuver in difficult situations. …
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