Pairing the right projects
with the right profiles.

Are you looking for talented professionals and freelance managers to assist your team? Or are you searching for a project that challenges you to reach your full potential? In both cases you’ll find what you’re looking for at ADM. It’s all made possible by our approach to meeting your demands. We take four clearly defined steps.


We listen carefully to the needs of our clients and what they envision. We find out which skills they have in-house. And which ones they need to acquire to realise their objectives.


We translate these skills into concrete projects. We review the project team with the client. We look at which profile will best fit this team. Other demands specific to the project also come into contention. They include anything from cross-border and leadership skills to technical skills and the complexity of the project.

Pairing up

We then search our database of independent professionals for individuals with the skills required. And we listen. We listen to our professionals and what they would like to accomplish. The challenges they would like to pursue. And what they believe they offer the project. At the same time, we ask them what they hope to gain from the project: we pair our freelancers with projects that help them pursue their professional goals.

This win-win situation ensures enthusiasm and the highest standards of commitment and performance.


We contact the client when we know we have a match. We arrange a meeting at which the requirements of the project can be further discussed. This enables both parties to look at how their pairing will add extra value to the project.

If there is a strong match at the end of this meeting? It’s time to go to work.

The right skills, the right profiles, the right projects.

Do you have company objectives but lack the time or internal skills and competences needed to bring them to fruition?

Are you an independent consultant or management professional looking for a project that will challenge you and put your abilities to the test?

Make sure you contact ADM. We pair profiles with projects in a range of different areas.

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