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Pairing profiles and projects

Are you looking for the skills and insight of experienced professionals? Perhaps you have a position that needs to be filled temporarily. You may urgently need a talented interim manager. With ADM Interim Management you’ll have access to a network of over 4000 independent professionals.

At your door and ready to help within a week, their specific project management skills and backgrounds cover a variety of professional sectors.

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General & Operations Management

ADM Wingfield provides general managers, operation managers as well as transformation managers who ensure your business continues to move ahead and grow even when you’re looking to permanently fill key positions. Our approach ensures you have quick, efficient access to talented professionals with the insight, experience and skills you require for your business strategy.

Finance Management

For more than 17 years, ADM Financial Casting has been a reliable source of freelance professionals/managers ranging from CFO’s and finance managers to financial controllers, business analysts, treasurers and accounting managers.


What we do

Our mission

Our mission at ADM is to provide our clients with the best independent professionals in areas such as General management, Operations management and Finance management. And we are committed to having our professionals/key position freelancers available within just one week.

By delivering expertise on demand and project-based solutions, we aim to deliver reliable alternatives to traditional consulting and permanent recruiting.

We do this not just to meet needs.
We do it to ensure our clients and freelancer managers work at the highest standards.

What we do

Our vision

We want our clients to recognize us as the best, most efficient and most accurate providers of talented independent professionals for projects, temporary executive needs and expertise on demand.

We continuously fine-tune our approach to ensure we lead the way in offering flexible talent solutions that allow freelancers/freelance managers to take control of their own destinies.

By offering them the most interesting projects, we believe we will be the preferred work provider for independent professionals, today and tomorrow.

When you work with ADM,
you’ll be able to rely on certain values.


Everyone wants to achieve the best results. Our clients. Our independent professionals. And ourselves. This is why ADM is committed to building strong relationships. With constant innovation, we challenge our clients, our professionals and ourselves. It ensures we all achieve better results.

It’s what puts each of us a step ahead of our competitors and enables us to stay there.


We say what we do and we do what we say.

You’ll immediately appreciate our focus and discipline, because we go the extra distance, work that little bit harder and enthusiastically pursue goals … whether you’ve set them or we set them ourselves, we believe it’s our job to fulfill these goals without fail.

Client driven

As a client of ADM, you’ll be working with someone who listens. We take the time to understand your current and future needs and look for the best approach to fulfilling them.

And as these needs change? You’ll find we change with you; we are constantly innovating and updating our approaches. This ensures you always receive the highest quality for ultimate satisfaction.


We believe in doing business in a friendly way. In an open way.

You’ll find our ADM consultants and our independent professionals have the mindset, experience and abilities required to set an example at all time and in all situations. It’s one thing to follow. It’s another to lead the way.

Our interim managers

ADM works exclusively with independent professionals.

Interim managers, project managers & transformation managers and a range of other areas. They all share a desire to excel. They strive to be the best they can be in their particular fields and are happily evaluated on the results of their work and their projects. This allows us to provide our clients with immediate access to talented individuals with the skills they require, without the need to hire permanently.

In other words? We create the perfect match.

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